Natural Breast Augmentation: Process and Recovery

Jul 5, 2018

Houston cosmetic surgeon, Anthony Nikko, M.D., is an expert at performing fat transfer breast augmentation (i.e., “natural breast augmentation”), and he has been invited to speak as a medical expert by local Houston news stations such as FOX and KPRC to educate the public about cosmetic surgery procedures and dermatology. Natural breast augmentation is also referred to as fat grafting and fat transfer. During the procedure, fat from another area of the patient’s body is removed using liposuction. Once removed, the fat is put into a device called a centrifuge so that it can be purified and prepared for use in the breast tissue. Thereafter, the fat is transferred to the breasts using a medical device called a cannula, which is a metal tube used to draw off or introduce tissue such as fat. The cannula is used to contour the patient’s breast to the desired shape and size with very minimal scarring. Because a cannula is used, there is no need to make incisions in the breast area. Though the recovery time from natural breast augmentation is less than the traditional surgical implant procedure, the patient must still be cognizant that there is some downtime following liposuction. To learn more about natural breast augmentation, contact the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center today.