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Allergy Testing/Immunotherapy – Environment Allergy Skin Testing and Treatment – Cypress, Houston TX


According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), one out of every four Americans suffers from allergies of asthma. In fact, allergies are the fifth leading chronic disease in the United States. When you are experiencing symptoms of allergies it can be extremely difficult to find relief without knowing the exact cause of the cold-like symptoms. At Nikko Dermatology in Cypress, TX, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Anthony Nikko performs allergy testing procedures to help identify the specific environmental allergens that affect his patients. By identifying the origin of a patient’s allergies, Dr. Nikko can provide more appropriate treatment options to help alleviate unpleasant symptoms. To learn more about allergy testing, contact our Cypress, TX practice to schedule a consultation today.


There are several symptoms that can attribute to allergies including sneezing, congestion, watery/itchy eyes, runny nose, etc. Other less-recognizable symptoms may include headaches, joint pain, itchy skin, chronic sinus issues, chronic coughing and sneezing, and sleep disturbances. Additionally, Texas is the sixth worst area in the country for allergies due to pollen, grasses, molds, dust mites, and other inhalant allergens. Before recommending allergy testing, Dr. Nikko or one of his experienced team members can consult with you about your symptoms and evaluate your medical history to determine whether testing would be beneficial for you.

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At our practice, we provide allergy testing through skin tests, also known as scratch tests. During the test, a small scratch on the skin is made with a needle and a diluted form of an allergen is applied to the area. A single skin test can evaluate up to 40 different allergens at a time. An allergy can then be confirmed if the area becomes red, itchy, or sensitive. The affected area may then be tested for the size of the reaction. The more prominent the reaction, the more the patient is allergic to the particular allergen. The entire procedure only takes about 20 minutes to complete.


Following the allergy test, our practice will provide you with a complete list of your allergens. We will also provide a treatment plan and approach that can help to relieve your symptoms caused by affecting allergens by up to 85% or more. A follow-up appointment may also be scheduled so that we can evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment and adjust your treatment approach as necessary.


Our practice uses immunotherapy as a preventative treatment for allergic reactions. This involves providing gradually increasing doses of an allergen to the person who is allergic to it. In turn, this helps to promote an immune response and help the patient’s immune system have less sensitivity to the allergen by promoting the production of antibodies. Immunotherapy can also help to reduce some symptoms of asthma. Talk to a member of our team about using immunotherapy as a treatment for allergies and/or asthma.

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Symptoms of allergies can be unpleasant and affect your quality of life. At Nikko Dermatology in Cypress, TX, Dr. Nikko and his trained team of professionals provide allergy testing to help determine the cause of your symptoms in order to better treat them. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and get one step closer to allergy relief.