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Radio Frequency Skin Tightening – Lutronic INFINI – Cypress, Houston, TX


Cypress, TX board-certified Dermatologist, Dr. Anthony Nikko, would like to offer you a consultation to have your lax skin assessed. We want to see if you qualify for a cutting-edge technology, the Lutronic INFINI, that will tighten mild-to-moderate skin laxity without a surgical intervention. At Nikko Dermatology, we can tighten your skin by puncturing tiny holes in your dermis with the INFINI so that it can penetrate your skin with radio frequency (RF) energy.

Men and women of all skin types can tighten up their loose, sagging skin on the body and/or face with RF skin tightening. We can achieve this by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. The rise in collagen will bolster your skin’s elasticity, smooth out wrinkles, and revitalize your skin from stretch marks and cellulite. If you would like to learn more about the INFINI and our nonsurgical treatments at Nikko Dermatology, please call and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly patient coordinators.


You can request a consultation for our RF skin treatments for any area you are concerned with sagging, wrinkles, stretch marks, or cellulite. During a private consultation, we will discuss with you that safest approach to your skincare needs with RF skin tightening and how many sessions will be needed. We also offer preventative and maintenance sessions for patients wanting to keep their skin looking young and healthy.

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No matter what area of the body you have your RF skin tightening treatment, we will provide you with a private space for your session and comfortable seating. We will cleanse the area before treatment then apply a topical numbing agent if needed. Most of our patients opt to use the numbing agent to make it a stress-free experience. The INFINI technology will be implemented by our experienced aesthetician or our dermatologist. It is a hand-held device passed over the skin in one direction. Microneedles will puncture the skin to allow the radio frequency energy to enter the dermis. Your skin will be pink or red with some minor swelling. The side effects should not last more than a few days. The length of time your session will last will be dependent on the size of the treatment area(s), the number of areas, and the condition of the skin. Your skin will heal itself with boosted collagen production in a matter of days. Your dermatologist will make recommendations on how many sessions will be needed for optimal results and to maintain the enhancement.


Mild-to-moderate skin laxity doesn’t stand a chance with our INFINI radio frequency treatments at Nikko Dermatology. If you would like to learn more about this innovative technology, we invite you to schedule a consultation. Our dermatology team in Cypress, TX is here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals to age gracefully and beautifully. Call for an appointment today.

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