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Patient Stories

Our patients are all near and dear to our hearts. We are proud to share transformation stories from real life patients below.

Amber’s Story

Dr. Nikko and his staff are wonderful! They made me feel very comfortable from the consultation through the surgery. They did a great job with my breast augmentation and could not be more pleased with the results.

Now one year later, I have had no complications and it has opened the door for my fitness modeling career.

Dr. Nikko and his staff are very professional and I recommend him to everyone!

Troy’s Story

I’ve been active my entire life. I played three sports throughout High School, was involved in all kinds of inter-mural sports in college, and have continued my weight training as well as new activities like Tai-Kwondo and Spinning in recent years. I hit the gym 3-5 times a week, but as I approach 40, I’ve noticed I face the same challenges we all face as we mature, despite my healthy lifestyle.

Thank goodness we live in a day and age where maintenance of our body through exercise and a healthy diet can help us extend our active lifestyles. We also are very fortunate that cosmetic procedures are now available that will also help us maintain a youthful appearance.

Like most areas of my life, I was raised to never settle for second best. I began my search, I wanted to make sure I found the right physician. I’ ve been in the medical field for 16 years, so I’m fortunate to have a good working knowledge of available physicians and procedures. After several consults with other surgeons, I decided on Dr. Nikko and his staff. Not only did Dr. Nikko come highly recommended by other physicians, but his staff was one of the most courteous and professional groups I’ve come across. Dr. Nikko truly cares about his patients. His sincerity and dedication to helping me achieve my goals was very evident from the first time we met. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Nikko to family or friends.

As far as my results, I’m very pleased with my outcome! Not only was the procedure a success, but Dr. Nikko’s follow up care has been wonderful, and each month my results improve!

Thanks Dr. Nikko and the entire staff for all your help and support in helping me to achieve my goals!

Amy’s Story

From the moment I heard them ask… “How may I care for you”; I was impressed. I had been considering a surgeon based first only on location. I hated the thought of commuting when I live inside the loop. So once I narrowed the list down, the rest of my decision was quite easy. Dr. Nikko is a solo practitioner. That was very attractive to me. I wanted to be treated as a valuable patient by the doctor and his staff… not run through a large, multi-doctor clinic in possible “cattle call” fashion. Although I’ve only needed a handful of follow up visits, his staff know my name each and every time I walk in the door. I’ve been comfortable throughout, from the first consultation to my recent exit interview. I’m pleased with the results and I would strongly recommend Dr. Nikko and his clinic to everyone.

Ashley’s Story

Dr. Nikko is more than an amazing surgeon, he is an artist. At age 36, mother of three, my body had transformed in a way that seemed out of my control. I have always managed my appearance with diet and exercise. I have been athletic my whole life. I never considered cosmetic surgery as an option. However, after the third child, it became grossly apparent that no amount of exercise or diet would do anything for the extra skin hanging over my c-section scar or firm my breast that were a D prior to children and an A-B post.

Deciding to even consider surgery was a difficult decision. Dr. Nikko listened to my issues with my body. I had my own ideas about what I wanted, but Dr. Nikko had different ideas about what I needed to achieve my desired results. He looked at me like a blank canvas and suggested procedures that would “paint” a masterpiece.

I had breast augmentation, liposuction, and a mini-tuck. My results are amazing because they look so natural. My breasts are teardrop shaped and are placed so they look real. The lipo and tuck created a beautiful curve in my low back that I have never had. I have been at 12% body fat before and I can honestly say that my body looks better now than it ever has. I can wear anything I want and I am completely proportional. I never expected to feel this different- it was one of the best things I have done for myself.

Brittany’s Story

I knew from the moment Dr. Nikko walked into the consultation room and introduced himself that he was the doctor for me. His warm smile and professional yet friendly demeanor are what led me to decide on him performing my breast augmentation. I loved the fact that his procedure of choice was one that left no scars on my breasts! Dr. Nikko was also very bent on the belief of keeping the size of my breasts natural. He assured me that he would not make them out of proportion with the rest of my body. Dr. Nikko was so comfortable to talk to and realistic with my expectations.

Not only was Dr. Nikko a pleasure to be around, but his staff was awesome too! Wendy and Yoomee have been so nice and accommodating to me. In fact, I had already decided to have my surgery done by another doctor but Wendy called and was so nice and convinced me to come in for a consultation, and I’m SO glad I did! Before my surgery, friends were very hesitant to the idea of cosmetic surgery. But now that they have seen my results, almost all of them are considering it now. They know when the time comes for them to choose a doctor, that Dr. Nikko is the man to go to.

I am extremely satisfied with my results. My experience with Dr. Nikko and his staff has led me to decide to go back for a second procedure. I look forward to my next surgery and to many more visits with Dr. Nikko and his staff to come!

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