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Acute Rashes (Hives, Insect Bites, Poison Ivy, Rashes, Sunburn) – Cypress, HoustonTX


If you are treating yourself or your child with over-the-counter medications that are not effective in treating a rash, or your child is running a fever, you should call us to schedule a visit with our experienced, board-certified Dermatologist, Dr. Nikko in Cypress, TX as soon as possible. Nothing is more uncomfortable than an unexplained rash. At Nikko Dermatology, we can treat common skin irritations such as hives, insect bites, sunburn, poison ivy, and more. Seeking the advice of Dr. Nikko can help prevent the spread of whatever ails your skin (if it is contagious). Plus, we can help you if the rash is damaging your skin (scratching can produce scars). We want to help you feel better and make sure your symptoms are not a more serious medical condition.



There are many different types of skin rashes for adults and children. Allergic reactions, heat, chemical exposure, new medications are just a few ways rashes can manifest on the skin. Children can also suffer from rashes ranging from diaper rash to exposure to something new in their environment. If you are concerned about a problematic rash that is persistent, or if a fever accompanies the rash, please call our office for assistance.


Hives are large red, itchy patches on their skin. You may have a case of the hives after starting a new medication, having an allergic reaction to a food, or exposed to extreme stress. Known as urticarial, hives presents itself in many ways. This condition usually goes away quickly. When you have a hives outbreak, it is best not to scratch the area so you do not damage your skin. If you would like help with your hives outbreaks, you should contact our dermatology office.

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Most of our patients who have an insect bite will have a localized reaction on the skin where the skin was broken. Bees, ticks, mosquitoes, fire ants, wasps, hornets, and spider bites can produce swollen skin that is red and hot. We advise you to seek treatment at a local emergency room if the bite becomes life threatening (such as having shortness of breath). We will see patients for insect bites on their skin for treatment and to reduce the damage done to the skin.


It is very easy to come into contact with poison ivy. These common plants contain poisonous oils that cause an allergic reaction to the skin. A poison ivy rash can manifest by direct or indirect contact with the plants. You should first try bathing your skin then applying a calamine lotion to the exposed area. If this method does not work or if you have a severe reaction to the poison ivy with fever, we advise you to call your doctor.


A sunburn can make your skin red and swollen. It can also make you feel very sick. We advise that you avoid direct sun exposure and apply generous amounts of sunscreen when out in the sun. You can also protect your skin by wearing protective clothing especially when you are near water, snow, or sand as these reflect rays in a stronger form. Basic first-aid treatments should alleviate your uncomfortable sunburn. You will want to protect your skin from blistering and infection. If you feel that the sunburn is more advanced and causing concern, please seek immediate medical attention.


When the at-home remedies (such as calamine lotion, Benadryl, diaper rash cream, and more) have no effect or the rash worsens, please call your doctor for treatment. In life-threatening situations, go to the emergency room of your local hospital as soon as possible. At our dermatology office, we can help you bring vitality back into your skin after the rash has subsided and reduce the damage brought forth from the irritant. We have innovative technology and a dermatologist dedicated to your health.

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At Nikko Dermatology, we would like to help you find soothing remedies for your skin when a rash strikes. Rashes can be uncomfortable at any age! Dr. Nikko will examine your skin and make recommendations based on your needs. Please call and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.