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EuroThreads – Nonsurgical Face and Body Lift


As a minimally-invasive, nonsurgical procedure, a EuroThreads lift can help to create tighter, more even skin without the downtime needed for surgery. By using dissolvable threads that are inserted into the dermis of the skin, a EuroThreads procedure works to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin and increase elasticity to then decrease the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and folds in the skin. At Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston, TX, Dr. Anthony Nikko provides EuroThreads procedures to provide aesthetically appealing results to his patients. Through this procedure, patients can help regain confidence in the appearance of their skin on both their face and body. Contact our Houston, TX office today to learn more and to schedule your consultation.


An ideal candidate for a EuroThreads procedure could be any individual looking to combat signs of aging or sagging in their skin. This procedure can be performed on several areas of both the face and the body. Typical areas of treatment include the cheeks, jowls, and neck. Additional treatments such as BOTOX or dermal fillers can be administered in tandem with a EuroThreads procedure to help elevate the results. Prior to receiving treatment, patients will receive a consultation to help evaluate if a EuroThreads lift is the right procedure for their specific needs and desires.

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A EuroThreads procedure can take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour to complete. The EuroThreads are placed into a cannula or needle and are sterilized prior to the treatment. The threads are then inserted into the skin with the cannula or needle and are left in place as the cannula or needle is removed. Several threads may be inserted during one treatment depending on the area being treated. Once all of the threads are inserted, they may be pulled in certain directions to help lift the skin accordingly. They are then left in the skin to absorb and stimulate the production of collagen.

Patients may experience slight swelling or irritation following their procedure, but can typically return to most of their normal daily activities within the same day. Results can sometimes be noticed immediately, but in some cases, they may need a few days or weeks to appear. Optimal results can last up to 18 months, but this may vary from patient to patient. Additional treatments performed alongside a EuroThreads lift can sometimes help with the longevity of results.


A EuroThreads procedure can provide beautiful and natural results that can lift and enhance your skin. At Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center we are proud to offer this innovative procedure for our many patients. To learn more about EuroThreads or to schedule a consultation, contact our Houston, TX facility today.

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