Melanoma Awareness — The First Step to Fighting Skin Cancer in Houston

Jul 5, 2018

The brutal summer heat has descended on Houston, and many of us will seek relief at the pool, beach, or lake. While these are great places to get away, Houstonians must be mindful that the sun, even on a cloudy day, can damage the skin. While sunburns are painful, that is the least of our worries. Exposing the skin to the sun’s harmful rays without protection can lead to melanoma, one of the deadliest cancer forms. In the US, one out of every 55 Americans develops melanoma, and it is the second most common form of cancer in young adults aged 25 to 29. Houston dermatologist, Dr. Anthony Nikko, says that besides using sunblock, wearing protective clothing, and seeking shade, people should regularly inspect their skin for signs of new moles, lesions, or moles that have changed size, shape, and color. If a patient notices any changes, he/she should see a dermatologist right away to determine if the changes to the skin are anything to worry about. Left undetected and untreated, melanoma has a mortality rate of 100%. Early detection of melanoma is the best course of treatment. If you have concerns about your skin, contact Dr. Nikko’s office today to set an appointment.