Get a “Hand Lift” for a More Youthful You

Jul 5, 2018

The appearance of your hands speaks volumes, but what are they saying about your age? Sometimes the hands begin to show signs of aging even before our faces. As we age, our hands lose collagen and underlying fat that make them look youthful. If that isn’t bad enough, brown spots and freckles appear and veins can pop up to make you look older than necessary. Our hands do so much for us every day, so what can we do for them? For starters, your hands get lots of sun exposure through the car windshield just by being on the steering wheel. Try applying a moisture lotion with a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 each day. Of course, you should moisturize them daily before going to bed. Cosmetic dermatologists like Houston’s Anthony Nikko, M.D., can restore your hands using dermal fillers to give them back lost volume, perform a mini “hand lift” to address loose skin, or use laser therapy to remove brown spots from the skin. The field of cosmetic dermatology is ever expanding, so don’t be shy about talking to Dr. Nikko about anything on your body that bothers you. Dr. Nikko and his wonderful staff are standing by to take care of you, so contact them today for an appointment.