Dr. Nikko on KPRC Houston: Silicone vs. Saline Breast Implants

Jul 5, 2018

On Monday, September 12th, Houston’s Dr. Anthony Nikko appeared in an exclusive KPRC Channel 2 interview with Rachel McNeill regarding the FDA’s recent announcement stating that silicone breast implants are safe. The debate between silicone or saline breast implants has been going on for over a decade after the FDA issued a moratorium for approximately 14 years over concerns relating to their safety. After years of empirical research on silicone breast implants, they are the most studied medical devices in history. Most women find that the feel of silicone breast implants are much more similar to natural breast tissue than saline implants. Dr. Nikko provides his patients with all the facts regarding both implant options, but ultimately it is the patient’s decision. According to Dr. Nikko, the new generation of silicone breast implants is not made of liquid silicone, but instead made of silicone memory gel that is similar to the consistency of a gummy bear. Further, it feels more natural and there is less rippling with this type of implant. Dr. Nikko receives inquiries from many women seeking to swap out their saline breast implants for silicone. Following the FDA’s announcement, Dr. Nikko expects that many more women will come forward to do the same and to seek breast augmentation surgery