Breast Augmentation Fundamentals

Jul 3, 2018

Cosmetic surgeons who perform breast augmentation surgery have to do much more than merely assist the patient in selecting the size of the implant and then “install” the implants during surgery. What many patients do not know is that breast augmentation relies on geometric and algebraic principles. For instance, in preparing to make a breast that is in near perfect harmony with the patient’s body the cosmetic surgeon not only has to consider whether a patient would look better with a 300 cc implant or a 350 cc implant, but also direction the nipples point, the angle at which the nipple points, the slope of the upper pole (i.e., the portion of breast above the nipple), and the volume in the upper pole versus the lower pole. For breast augmentation to look most natural, most cosmetic surgeons ensure that 45% of the total breast volume is in the upper pole and that 55% is in the lower pole for each breast. While these are very subtle parts of the augmentation procedure, they are quite important so that the breasts look natural rather than bolted on and so that the breast contours are as aesthetic as possible after surgery.