Balancing and Defining the Face with Cheek Implants

Jul 5, 2018

The medical terminology for cheek implantation is called malar augmentation. This is a cosmetic surgery procedure appropriate for both men and women who are looking for more distinction in the face such as high cheekbones. Many patients between the ages of 40-50 seek cheek implants to restore sagging soft tissue, thereby postponing the need for a full or mid-facelift. Dr. Nikko is well known for his malar augmentation procedures and painstakingly selects the right size and shape implants for the patient’s surgery. Implants are safe and made from materials such as porous polyethylene and silicone. Malar augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis under either general or local anesthesia. Small incisions are made and the implants are inserted, and to close Dr. Nikko makes very tiny sutures. Recovery is fairly uncomplicated but the patient should expect swelling, minor discomfort, and some numbness, which can be controlled with cold packs and medications. Because the implantation occurs close to the upper teeth, some patients are a little tender while chewing food for a few days, so some may find a soft diet appealing during this time. Dressings applied after surgery generally remain on for three days, and in most instances, swelling subsides in about one week. The end result is a beautiful face.