At Last! Scarless, Natural Breast Augmentation

Jul 5, 2018

For years, liposuction patients have asked Dr. Nikko “Can’t you just take my fat from my lower body to fill out my breasts?” Now the answer is a definitive yes! A growing trend in breast augmentation is harvesting the patient’s own fat for use in other areas such as the face, backs of the hands, and breasts. This is a great procedure because it gives the patient a “two for one” by removing unwanted fat from areas such as the abdomen, underarms near the breasts, or thighs and using that fat toward the goal of fuller breasts. After the fat is removed from the harvest location, it is processed to make it suitable for injection into the breasts. This procedure is beneficial in several ways. First, the substance used to plump the breasts is a natural substance taken from the patient’s own body, which means she will not have a reaction to it. Second, the patient will not have any incisions or scarring that accompanies traditional breast implant surgery. Finally, women who do not want implants due to concerns about complications have an option for breast enlargement. Houston cosmetic surgeon, Anthony Nikko, M.D., performs exquisite breast augmentation on hundreds of patients each year as evidenced by the before and after photo gallery on his website. To learn more and find out if fat transfer breast augmentation is appropriate for you, contact the experienced staff at Houston’s Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center.