Asian Double Eyelid Surgery: Part 2 of 2

Jul 5, 2018

As mentioned in our previous post, Asian Double Eyelid Surgery requires a high level of competency and precision, and the margin for error is unforgiving to the novice or those with little experience. It would be disingenuous to believe that only an Asian cosmetic surgeon can do a good job with this procedure, just as it would be to embrace the belief that only male doctors can treat male patients well or that only female doctors can treat female patients well. What matters is the quality of the surgeon’s training and experience in this area. According to the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons, the number of double eyelid surgeries performed on Asian patients each year is extremely small, so it stands to reason that there are fewer opportunities for residents and fellows to gain experience with this surgery. The ASPS estimates that the average plastic or cosmetic surgeon may perform one double eyelid surgery every four to five years, which is not often. Therefore, it is vital for patients seeking this procedure to insist upon interviewing their potential surgeon about how many procedures they perform each year, an excellent understanding of the anatomy of the eye across cultural lines, as well as a healthy library of before and after photos.