What’s different about facelifts for men?

There are plenty of differences between men and women for sure. Some of them are obvious, and others are still being studied by the scientific community. But many of you probably assume that when it comes to facelifts, well . . . a rose, is a rose, is a rose, right? No offense to Gertrude Stein, but when we talk about cosmetic surgery, and facelifts in particular, there are certain major differences between the sexes. Some of them are:

Blood supply. Believe it or not, when it comes to facial skin, men and women are not created equal. Men have a richer blood supply, and this is important for facial cosmetic surgery, because of the risk of temporary pooling of blood under the skin.

Makeup. By and large, men don’t wear makeup, and they don’t style their hair in a way that can hide areas of their face. So scarring as a result of surgery may be more noticeable, and more difficult to conceal.

Hair and beard growth. Once again, a physiological difference between the sexes, this one involving hair, translates into an issue when a facelift is performed. For example, if you are balding, or if your hair is thinning, it may affect the incision site, and require a bit of artistry by your cosmetic surgeon.

Neck muscles. These muscles are usually thicker in men than in women, so if the surgery includes a neck lift, this has to be taken into account, although it does not present an obstacle for the procedure.

Shaving. If your procedure includes a “refinishing” treatment for your facial skin, such as a chemical peel or dermabrasion, you will not be able to shave your face for about three weeks after the surgery. While this may feel somewhat uncomfortable, the result is that your beard will help to hide the pink color of the skin after the procedure is performed.

The masculine look. If you want a more prominent chin, a stronger nose, or another feature commonly associated with a masculine look, discuss this with your doctor.

There are certainly additional gender-based issues if you are considering a facelift, but the above list will give you an idea of why cosmetic surgery is not the same for men and women.

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