Weight Loss: It’s not only what you eat, it’s when you eat!

When it comes to having a figure that a woman (or a man) can feel good about, the key for many of us is weight loss. Carrying excess pounds can affect the way we look in many ways, from love handles, to a tummy pouch, to excess fat on our backs and beyond. It can also affect our health, and the way we feel about ourselves.

For many people, body contouring procedures work, not primarily as a weight loss tool, but as a way to sculpt the body and achieve a more attractive figure. Whether we’re talking about a tummy tuck, liposuction, fat transfer or another cosmetic procedure, they can be designed to address the specific concerns you may have about the appearance of your body. And for a lot of us, whether or not we are a candidates for cosmetic surgery of this type, a key element in achieving and maintaining the figure we want is weight loss.

Historically, weight loss has focused on what we eat and how much we eat, whether it’s the volume of the food eaten, the number of calories, fat content, or other variables. The motto was, essentially, eat less and lose weight. While that may, as a general rule, be accurate, a recent study suggests that weight loss is a function of more than simply the amount or type of food on your plate.

Researchers in Spain examined over 400 people who were obese. The group was divided evenly between men and women, and the average age of the participants was 42. The study was designed to discover whether the weight loss experienced by the members of the group was affected by the time when they sat down and had their main meal of the day.

What they found might surprise you: the study disclosed that, on average, those who ate their primary meal prior to 3 p.m. lost significantly more weight (5 pounds, or about 30% more) than those who ate after that time. Further research is needed to identify the cause of the variance, which is believed to be metabolism-related.

One final note. Our discussion today has been focused on what and when you eat. But don’t forget about exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.

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