Is liposuction right for me?

Liposuction is in the news on a regular basis. As most people know, it is a surgical procedure that removes fat, by use of suction, from specific areas of the body. And those areas include not only the abdomen, but many other areas, including your calf, ankle, buttocks and more. The question, for many men and women, is whether he or she is a candidate for the procedure. Here are some general questions you might want to ask yourself if you are considering liposuction:

  • Am I in good general health?

  • Do I have unwanted fat deposits?

  • Would I benefit from body sculpting?

  • Do I have firm, elastic skin?

  • Have I had difficulty eliminating bulges through diet and exercise?

  • Are there localized areas that contain fat deposits which are out of proportion to the rest of my body?

  • Am I slightly to moderately overweight?

  • Are my expectations about the procedure realistic?

As we said, these are some general questions that should allow you to get a feel for whether the liposuction procedure may be right for you. There are a few additional aspects on which we should focus. The first is expectations, an issue mentioned in our list. Liposuction can do wonders for your appearance and for the way you feel about yourself, but looking at before and after pictures provided by your cosmetic surgeon will give you a good idea of what you can expect if you opt for liposuction. Second, while liposuction can trim inches off areas of your body, it is not recommended as a weight loss procedure. Third, in order to take full advantage of the results obtained through liposuction, it is very important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle after undergoing the procedure. The goal is to make the changes last, and this requires work on your part. And finally, the potential benefits of liposuction are not limited to body sculpting, to your torso, your legs and your arms. Liposuction can do wonders for your face and jaw, as well as take care of those double and triple chins.

Speak to your doctor about whether liposuction is the answer for you.

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