Can a Breast Lift give you a Lift?

Breast augmentation surgery and breast lifts are designed, on the face of it, to enhance the way you look. But what about your self-esteem, and your overall feeling about yourself and your life? Carole King wrote about it, and we’d tend to agree with the line from her hit song “Beautiful.” The line, of course, is “you’re as beautiful as you feel.” While song lyrics usually don’t provide us with much in the way of guidance on how we conduct our lives, we think that in this case, Ms. King’s words are right on the mark.

What we’re getting at is this. If you undergo breast augmentation surgery, or if you have a breast lift, we expect that as the result of the procedure, you will see an improvement in your appearance. In the first instance, of course, that is what prompts most women to move forward with cosmetic surgery – looking better. But the fact is that your view of yourself, even the way you look, is not entirely objective. There are all sorts of psychological and emotional factors at work. So we thought it would be interesting, and helpful, to find out how the changes affect the way women feel, and how those feelings translated into changes in their lives. What studies have shown, among women who had breast augmentation or breast lift surgery, is that the effects go well beyond physical appearance.

Not surprisingly, most women are happy with the physical results. But one study suggests that breast augmentation may well be a source of long-term happiness for many women. We don’t mean that having implants, for example, will cause anyone’s life to be perfect; rather, the augmentation surgery appears to have a positive effect, for lots of women, upon their overall feeling of well-being.

Another interesting effect of the surgery is its impact on one’s sex life. Researchers found that over 60% of those surveyed said they had sex more frequently than before. Perhaps more intriguing, around 70% reported an increase in their overall sexual satisfaction.

However you view it, breast augmentation and breast lifts can improve a lot more than your looks.

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