Am I too old for cosmetic surgery?

We have previously touched upon the age issue in our blog. And while the growth in the number of available cosmetic procedures has been nothing less than phenomenal in recent years, many people assume that this is something that is reserved for younger people, and certainly not for seniors. This is a common misconception, and it appears to be based on the premise, at least in part, that older adults care less about their appearance than younger folks.

Let’s just say that many of those in their 20’s and 30’s tend to have a rather old-fashioned idea of what it’s like to be a senior citizen. While their view of a grandparent may be that the person is elderly, the fact is that things have changed. People are not only living longer, they are doing so while remaining healthy and leading vibrant lives well into their later years. So it’s not surprising that these folks remain just as attentive to their appearance as their children. Here are a few factors that have increased the desirability of cosmetic procedures for older adults:

  • Economics. People today are working longer, and almost three-quarters of the women in a recent survey say that their physical appearance (including youthful looks) played a role in getting hired.

  • Attitude adjustment. The overall attitude concerning cosmetic surgery has changed markedly over the years. It has become a more viable option for people of all ages.

  • 60 is the new 40! Life expectancy rates are on the rise, and seniors are healthier and more active than ever. They naturally want their appearance to reflect the fact that they feel younger than their chronological age.

  • Medical advances. Advances in techniques, including anesthesia, make the process safer. A study has shown, in the case of facelifts, for example, that complications among older patients occurred no more frequently than among younger patients.

When we talk about undergoing cosmetic procedures, we need to stress that candidates, including seniors, should have realistic expectations, and that any medical conditions should be under control. Our overall point is that merely because you are older, it does not mean that cosmetic procedures are not both available and appropriate for you.

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