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Nonsurgical Mommy Makeover – Exilis Ultra 360™, Vanquish™, Cellutone™ – Houston, TX


If motherhood has changed your body in ways that have lowered your self-esteem, Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Nikko has a variety of options to get back that sense of confidence. Avoiding the stress of invasive surgery is an advantage that we offer with the nonsurgical mommy makeover at the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston, TX. Through a variety of rejuvenation technologies, we can help you begin to regain your pre-pregnancy body shape. We offer an assortment of treatments that can be performed on their own or combined, as listed below.


Using radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells, Vanquish technology is a fat reduction treatment used on love handles, belly bulges, and more. After multiple treatments, it can bring down your overall circumference by up to 4 pant sizes.

Exilis Ultra 360

For loose, sagging skin and volume loss in areas like the stomach and buttocks, our team suggests treatments with the Exilis Ultra 360. Using radio frequency and ultrasound energy, the technology boosts collagen production in the targeted treatment areas.


Unattractive cellulite is one of the biggest complaints we hear from mothers looking to regain their pre-baby bodies at the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center. With Cellutone, targeted vibrations work to reduce the look of lumpy skin and tighten up specific areas on the body.

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Every patient’s nonsurgical mommy makeover will look different, as Dr. Nikko takes care to customize each one around their particular needs. Both the consultation and the treatments will take place in a private, relaxing area with our staff taking their time to listen to your questions and aesthetic goals. For each treatment, one of our skilled aestheticians will clean and prep the treatment area before your session begins. Depending on the treatment, you may need multiple appointments to reach and maintain your desired shape.


Through individual procedures or a personalized combination of the above treatments, your body can regain the smoothness and shape that you once had. After several treatments, the persistent pockets of fat, sagging skin, cellulite, volume loss, and wrinkles that trouble you can be lessened. Each of these noninvasive procedures result in minimal to no downtime and begin to reveal the desired effects in as little as one treatment.


If the beautiful process of motherhood has left you feeling less than confident about your body, a nonsurgical mommy makeover can bring that confidence back. This noninvasive and effective treatment is personalized to restore your womanly figure. To learn more about each treatment, call our office at the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center to book a consultation.

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