Dr Nikko Abdominoplasty

An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) with liposuction restores the confidence and self-esteem in our patients like Denise. This procedure can help both men and women achieve a tighter and slimmer tummy while reshaping the waistline and giving them the curves they desire. The ultimate reward from a tummy tuck is the happiness and satisfaction we see in our patients just weeks after surgery.


Speaker 1:          Hi everyone. So we're gonna do something really special today. I know that you guys all sometime looking at before and after, and we have a lot of great befores and afters. Today we're gonna highlight our tummy tuck and liposuction. But when you see the photos, you never get to see the face behind the photo. So today, we actually get to see a face behind a set of great photos. And so we have Denise. And so Denise, a month ago had the tummy tuck. And so she's here to basically ... I'm gonna flash the before and after photos. You guys can see her progress, it's only a month out. And so you actually get to see a face behind one of those great sets of photos. And she actually has a great outfit to show off her new body, so Denise, you're a month out, and so what was the process like? I know tummy tuck is a huge, huge surgery.

Denise:             Well at first I was like kinda scared but I had no pain, non, and I mean it, no pain. Maybe just a little sore, probably from the lipo. But other than that, I feel great. I went back to work two weeks after the tummy tuck and lipo, and I feel great.

Speaker 1:          That is so awesome.

Denise:             You did a great job, you've got a great set of hands.

Speaker 1:          That's so awesome. Yes, so when you guys see the before and after, you really see the amazing change. The waistline, and then we're also setting Denise up with a [inaudible 00:01:31] dietician 'cause maintaining it is very important. Obviously nutrition, lifestyle changes are playing a role, and so we pay attention to that. And so before we go, I just want Denise to stand up and show up her new curves.

Denise:             Yes.

Speaker 1:          That is awesome. That is so awesome and she's so gracious to even do this. And so I just wanna share this with you guys and let everyone know that, if you ever have any needs, just come in and we'll help you whatever way we can. All right?