Stacy Threads

As we age and our skin starts to lose elasticity and collagen- wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scarring can become more noticeable. For a non-surgical alternative, Dr. Nikko's nurse injector can insert absorbable sutures into the tissue for an instant lifting and tightening effect.


Stacy:              Hi, I'm Stacy, and today we're going to put in some threads in a patient, and be able to give you a demonstration of what that looks like. For her, we're going to actually improve the texture and quality of her skin where she has some unevenness and some old acne scarring. We'll be able to address that and make it look better, smoother, more youthful. And then on a subsequent visit, we're actually going to use some threads that mechanically actually pull up the skin and the tissue, so it's almost like a nonsurgical facelift. Looks great, takes 10 years off your life. So I'll go ahead and get started.

Stacy:              So each of these little threads have an injectable needle that places them. So you just see, I just go right underneath the skin and place those. It's gonna form a meshwork that'll create and stimulate collagen for the patient so that it'll improve her acne scarring, tighten her tissue, reduce the pore size, make it more youthful looking in appearance. And the results tend to last longer because it's your body's own collagen that we're using. So your results in general tend to last about a year, a year and a half. Depends on how well you take care of your skin using good sunscreen, good products.

Stacy:              By creating that mesh pattern, we're gonna stimulate collagen over the entire cheek area. And we'll focus on areas that have more scar tissue than others so that we can really improve those areas and focus the concentration on those. Are you doing okay?

Speaker 2:          Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Stacy:              Perfect. I numb up the area first so there's very little discomfort. We use topical numbing medicine and if needed, I can also provide some injectable lidocaine as well. So it's a very minimally discomfort experience during these procedures.

Stacy:              As with anything when we're using a needle, you have a risk for bruising and swelling. It tends to be very minimal in nature and you can do things like take Arnica, apply it topically or take the pill form and it'll help as well.

Stacy:              So now, I'm just gonna remove all of those cannulas and it's going to have left the thread in place so that she will have those collagen producing threads in there that will get rid of that scarring from the acne and improve her overall texture and improve her pore size. And that's the treatment.