Dr Nikko Answers Houston Breast Implant Questions

Dr. Nikko provides cosmetic surgery in Houston, Texas. In this Google hangout, he answers questions related to breast implants, which ones he recommends, issues with them bursting, how long they last and any associated health problems. He answers the following questions: 1. Jessica- I've heard all types of things on implants. Which do you recommend and why? 2. Erica- I was recommended to you by a friends, but I am concerned about costs. How much do you charge and do you offer payment plans? 3. Nicole- My friend has get implants. What are those and is it something you use? 4. Lisa- Is it possible for implants to burst? 5. Maria- How long will an implant last? If it's only 10 years do I need another surgery at that time? 6. Jasmine- What is the most realistic/natural feeling implant? 7. Laura- Will implants increase the potential for any long-term health problems for me?