Dr Nikko on Breast Reduction Augmentation

Speaker 1: Welcome back. Bottom of the hour. A sitcom star's revelation that she had breast reduction surgery has spiked an interest in this procedure. 

Speaker 2: We invited cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Nikko here to tell us more about it. Good morning to you.

Anthony Nikko: Good morning.

Speaker 2: As you know I'm sure, we're talking about Modern Family actress, she was right here on Fox, Ariel Winter says she was uncomfortable. She had back pain, she was tired of unwanted attention. You perform this procedure on a regular basis, are those some of the common complaints you hear from women who decide to do this?

Anthony Nikko: Yes, absolutely. Lot of patients can't function normally, they can't exercise so they can't lose the weight. A lot of time when you do the breast reduction and they're able to really exercise and they actually lose a lot of the weight that they want. Not only that, most importantly, they're able to wear a lot of the cute stuff that they want to wear that they weren't able to wear before.

Speaker 1: We are most attuned to breast enhancement.

Anthony Nikko: Yes.

Speaker 1: Reduction is a much more involved process, I would imagine.

Anthony Nikko: Right. Reduction it is more involved 'cause there's little bit more technical but the results that you get from it, the satisfaction rate from breast reduction supersede the results that you get from breast augmentation. The patients are much more satisfied because really they can function more and wear a lot of stuff that they like.

Speaker 2: The actress that has gone out and said, "You know what? I was an F cup." And she felt like that was too big. Is there a certain cup size that you're looking at? Who would be the best candidate for this?

Anthony Nikko: Size is something that just varies from one patient to another. What they're comfortable with. Some people just don't like the attention of large breasts and some patients like a little bit more cleavage. It really varies a lot. There's really no minimum cup size, we just try to achieve what the patients are looking for.

Speaker 1: For people who may be thinking about this, I won't imagine that this is, it's a difficult choice to make, either way. What sort of recovery time is involved in this sort of thing?

Anthony Nikko: Recovery time for this is less than what a lot of people think. Few days off from work is adequate. Really return to exercise in a couple weeks.

Speaker 2: Our research showed that a lot times they can cost about $6,000. Does that sound about right? But sometimes insurance will cover this particular procedure because it causes so many other health problems sometimes.

Anthony Nikko: We tried that in the past but trying to get insurance to cover removal of ugly mole is difficult enough and so ...

Speaker 2: It's still hard to get the money out of them.

Anthony Nikko: It's still very hard. 

Speaker 2: I have had friends who've had it paid though so it just depends on the carrier. 

Anthony Nikko: It just depends. 

Speaker 1: For someone who says, "All right, this might be me, I might want to think about it?" Where do they start?

Anthony Nikko: First thing to start is just getting some more information in regards to the different technique and then reading about the potential complications. A lot of people are afraid that you get breast reduction, you may lose nipple sensation, but that's not true at all. We remove a little bit of skin around the nipple areola but we're really removing a lot of the heavy tissues in the bottom that's making the breast really hang. Decrease in sensation in the nipple area doesn't happen very often at all. That's something that patients need to understand.

Speaker 2: It sounds like it can be a real life changer for a lot of people so I'm glad you're here to talk about it. Good to see you Dr. Nikko, as always.

Anthony Nikko: Thank you. 

Speaker 2: Thanks for your time.

Speaker 1: Thank you.

Anthony Nikko: Thanks for having me. 

Speaker 1: Absolutely.