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Houston Breast Lift Surgery


A surgical breast lift is a cosmetic breast treatment that recontours the breasts by reducing excess skin and pulling tight the remaining skin to produce a firmer, younger appearance. This life-changing surgery is offered for women who’ve lost breast fullness and shape and who have breast sagging due to aging, significant weight loss, or nursing. Medical breakthroughs in breast lift surgery have made this procedure so effective that new stats released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show an increase of around 70% for this procedure since 2000. Dr. Anthony Nikko, our Houston, TX Cosmetic Surgeon, offers this cosmetic breast surgery utilizing the most advanced methods, and delicately chooses the proper technique depending on the level of sag present, in addition to the desired aesthetic goal. Call the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center to book your next consult.


Many women visit our center hoping to get breast implants, but, after a physical exam it is confirmed that a mastopexy is needed and will be a better option. This is because of the level of breast sag that is present. Breast lift procedures will not significantly change your breast size but they are a great option for patients who want to lift their sagging without adding the volume of the implant. Breast lifts maintain the natural body proportions while giving your breasts a perkier, younger, and natural appearance. Women whose breasts and nipples point down usually need a breast lift to correct the skin irregularity and raise the breasts higher up on the chest wall. If your nipples point downward and your breasts look elongated, a breast lift can improve their appearance. Women considering a breast lift need to be physically healthy and at a stable weight. While implants may be wanted, in the majority of cases, a breast lift is all that is needed to add the fullness and shape that is desired.

If you have excess skin around the breast area, abundant scar tissue surrounding your breasts, or breasts that have begun to sag, you might be a good candidate for a breast lift procedure.

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A breast lift might be the right cosmetic surgery procedure if you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions: 

Do my areolas sit low on my breast? Your nipples and areolas may sit lower on your breast due to genetics or sagging of the breasts.

Do my nipples point downward? When the breasts begin to sag, the nipple will be pulled downward by gravity due to the weight of the breast.

Are my breasts asymmetrical? Heredity and genetics may cause your breasts to be unevenly matched.


Breast lift surgery takes about 2 – 4 hours and is performed using general anesthesia. The duration for this surgery depends on the severity of breast sag present. The method used for mastopexy surgery generally falls within 2 categories. This is based on the location and type of incision. The anchor technique (inverted-T and the vertical incisions) are the preferred incision types. Once the incision is made, any loose skin is carefully trimmed away along with breast tissue and fat that is not desired. After this process the skin left behind is pulled tight and the breasts brought up and lifted so they look younger and healthy. In many cases, the size and shape of the areola is reduced to match the new shape of the breast. It is during this time, an implant can be incorporated inside the breast if this was agreed upon before surgery. If a breast lift is the only technique being performed, and if breast fullness and shape are a concern, breast implants can be done at a later date.

What patients have to say about Dr. Nikko and our amazing staff.


Before After Breast lift

Breast Lift

Breast Lift and Augmentation
Before After Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Lift with Augmentation
Before After Breast Lift Dr Nikko

Breast Lift

Patient wanted to feel more confident in her own skin after having children. She wanted to look flattering in a bikini.
Before and After Breast lift

Breast Lift

Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift
Before and After Breast lift

Breast Lift

This patient had some sagging to her breast and was looking to improve her breasts by having a Breast Lift with Implants. The patient's desires were to enhanced the volume in her breasts and side boob.
Before and After Breast Lift

Breast Lift

This patient came to Dr. Nikko post pregnancy in hopes of adding volume and shape back to her breasts. The patient was looking to have full natural looking breasts and wanted to have the top of the line implants.
Before and After Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Patient had loss of volume and sagging breasts post pregnancy. She was looking to get rid of the access and hanging breast tissue, and wanted to have nice full supple breasts.
Before and After Breast Lift

Breast Lift

The patient was looking to achieve a more youthful shape, perky and medium cleavage. She had no history of a previous augmentation. She wore approximately a B cup bra in most bra styles
Before and After Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Patient was unhappy with the saggy appearance of her breasts and desired to restore her breasts to a more youthful shape with volume on top and side breast.
Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Patient came to see Dr. Nikko for the loss of volume in her breasts. Patient wanted to look natural with natural to minimal cleavage.


The overall recovery period for mastopexy is more lengthy than breast augmentation surgery. After surgery, patients are fitted with a support bra to assist with swelling. However, the post-surgical swelling will decrease within several days. In addition, a tiny draining tube will be placed near the surgical area to assist with excess drainage that can often occur after surgery. Our nurses will also provide specific at-home care instructions to assist in the healing process. Aesthetic results following a breast lift treatment begin to take shape several months after surgery as the newly shaped breasts take on their new position on the chest. The breasts will appear natural, as well as healthy and beautiful. 




Your first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nikko at his Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center. During your consultation, Dr. Nikko will discuss your personal goals and expectations with you, explain your options, explain the procedure in detail, and you will be shown “before” and “after” photos. For some patients, the addition of breast implants may be necessary to help achieve their goal.


The day of your surgery you will be placed under general anesthesia. Nikko will perform the procedure, removing excess skin and lifting the breast to the proper location on the chest. Dr. Nikko is an expert in skin care with over 15 years’ experience; he is an expert at minimizing and camouflaging the thin and inconspicuous scars from his incisions.


Breast lifts are an outpatient procedure; once you have comfortably recovered from your sedation you may go home and begin the recovery process.


A breast lift is a complex procedure and requires a longer recovery time than a breast augmentation procedure. Patients must refrain from any strenuous physical activity for some time to allow the breast to properly heal. Dr. Nikko will provide medication for managing any pain, which should subside following the procedure. Regular exercise must be avoided for some time following your mastopexy. If you have any questions or doubts about returning to work or your exercise routine, Dr. Nikko will be happy to make a recommendation for you.


Breast lift surgery has changed the well-being for so many area women. If you have drooping breasts that get in the way of everyday activities, or prevent you from wearing the clothes you want, a breast lift may be the right surgery for you. During your first consultation, a thorough physical exam will be given and your goals for surgery discussed. We will then establish a tailored surgical plan to help transform your breasts. We invite you to call our practice and learn more about how to schedule your first visit.