Breast Augmentation for Natural Breast Enhancement by Dr. Nikko - Houston, TX

Procedure Details

Patient Case Study by Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Anthony Nikko: Patient came to have a consultation with Dr. Nikko and was particularly looking to enhance her breasts to look as natural as possible. The patient is in great shape and works out regularly. She has minimal breast tissue and wanted to make sure her breasts had a nice "tear shape" to them post procedure. She specifically stated, she did not want anyone to know that she had any work done, but just enough to make herself look and feel her absolute best. Dr. Nikko suggested to the patient that she goes with a moderate profile cohesive gel implant to achieve the natural hang to her breasts. Size: Patient was currently an A Cup is most bra sizes and wanted to be able to fill a full B bra size. Dr. Nikko chose the Moderate to High Profile Silicone Allergan implants to achieve her desired looks. Downtime: Patient had about a 1 week downtime. The patient had her procedure on a Tuesday and was able to go back to work by Monday. The patient enjoys working out 3x a week plus running, yoga, and pilates. She was able to return to work after a long weekend. After two weeks post procedure she was able to work out and go back to her daily lifestyle. It took 1 month until she could long distance run. Procedure Details: Cosmetic Surgery Breast Augmentation to achieve natural breast enhancement to go about 1 - 1.5 cup sizes bigger in most bra types.

Breast Augmentation by Nikko


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