Patient Achieved The Hour Glass Figure Of Her Dreams - Liposuction - Houston, TX

Procedure Details

Dr. Nikko met with this patient and addressed that she had always wanted a very small waistline with beautifully enhanced curves. The patient wanted to take the fat from her abdomen, waistline, hips and lower back and have the fat injected into her buttocks to enhance her curves and figure. The patient brought in images of models that she wanted to look like and her and Dr. Nikko addressed all that would go into the surgery. Dr. Nikko and his staff made sure to address all of the patients needs from the consultation to post procedure. The patient knew she would have to change her diet plus workout routinely to make sure to keep the curves she's always wanted.

Do you want a Butt Lift?

What is a buttock augmentation?  Buttock augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure ideal for anyone interested in improving the balance or shape of their body.  Buttock (butt) augmentation is also commonly referred to as Gluteal Augmentation.  The technique used at Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center, where fat is transferred from one area of your body to your butt, is also known as Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure is quickly gaining popularity not only in the Houston area, but worldwide as well.  Some of the more common reasons that patients have for choosing a buttock augmentation include:

  • Increasing the fullness and roundness of their buttock
  • Increasing the projection and presence of their buttock
  • Helping to achieve an “hourglass” figure
  • Improving their self-image and self-confidence
  • Correcting the appearance of loose or sagging buttocks due to weight-loss or aging
  • Improving and enhancing the fit of swimwear and clothing

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