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Fat Transfer from Waistline to Buttocks for BBL Enhancement by Dr. Nikko

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Side view of Before BBL

Side View of After BBL

Pictured is a Brazilian Butt Lift better known as BBL of a patient who wanted to take fat from stubborn waistline and re-inject the fat into their buttocks for shape, roundness and fullness.


Pictured is the very popular Brazilian Butt Lift also known as the BBL. Dr. Nikko has actually become one of the top cosmetic surgeons in Houston to specialize in Fat Transfer/FAMI to the body. This patient had come to see Doctor Nikko in hopes of achieving the small waistline she has always wanted. Plus taking the fat from those stubborn areas and injecting the good fat into her buttocks for volume and shape.


Age: undisclosed
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Black
Height: 5’ 6” – 6’ 0”
Weight: 150 – 199 lbs
Gallery: 28477


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How is a Buttock Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Improving and/or enhancing your gluteal area involves the removal of stubborn fat from other areas of the body such as abdomen, hips, waist, lower back or elsewhere using liposuction. Patients have different areas where they may have excess fat and this is taken into consideration when choosing where to harvest the fat cells from. Ideally patients will be slightly over their optimal body weight before surgery, allowing for fat to be harvested; the fat is then processed and cleansed before being injected back into the body. Dr. Nikko prefers to perform gluteal enhancement using the body’s natural fat cells. He is one of the few cosmetic surgeons in Houston who performs the fat transfer using the advanced FAMI (Fat Auto Muscle Injection) technique. The buttock area can be lifted, enhanced, or enlarged using this method. The FAMI technique is minimally invasive and is one of Dr. Nikko’s favorites because of the dramatic and long-lasting results, and because it is safer to use your own fat instead of an implant.


What is the Recovery Process for a Buttock Augmentation?

The recovery process from a buttock augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift is a several step process:

  1. Immediately following your procedure in our Houston surgical center, you are likely to experience some soreness, numbness, and some light swelling and/or bruising. Your initial results from the procedure will be visible immediately.
  2. Over the next several days, patients are strongly advised to avoid sleeping on their back or sitting for long periods of time.
  3. Most patients are able to return to work and resume their normal activities fairly quickly but results may vary with any procedure. Patients with professions that require strenuous physical activity should allot extra time for the healing process.

Important things to know about recovering from your buttock augmentation procedure:

  1. Throughout your recovery process you should avoid strenuous physical activity, physical lifting, or sitting for long periods of time.
  2. You should consume plenty of water while recovering and as part of a healthy lifestyle.
    You can expect some very minor scarring from the procedure.
  3. Nikko is a cosmetic surgeon with over 20 years’ experience. He will personally guide you through your recovery helping you to understand when it is right for you to return to work and resume your normal activities.What can I Expect from my Consultation with Dr. Nikko?

Dr. Nikko will personally meet with you at the Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston, Texas. During your consultation he will:

  1. Take the time to discuss your expectations and the predictable outcome of your buttock augmentation procedure.
  2. Explain what you can expect based on your body size, proportions, and type. Setting realistic goals from the beginning is important in determining how to proceed with your procedure.
  3. You will be shown “Before” and “After” photos of other actual clients of Dr. Nikko, and with your permission, “Before” pictures may be taken to document the change achieved from your procedure.
  4. During your consultation Dr. Nikko will also discuss with you the best place(s) on your body to source the fat necessary for the procedure.
  5. The staff will also help with any financing or scheduling questions/concerns (or something like that!)

If you’re feeling self-conscious about the shape, size, or appearance of your buttock region, click on the button to schedule your consultation with one of Houston’s leading cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Anthony Nikko, and take the first step in improving your look and attitude!